Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I like my glass of wine at the weekends, ok then, bottles . When I was younger I remember only being able to drink two glasses before I was knocking off the walls going up-stairs to bed. Now, with all the committed practice I've put in over the years you'd never even notice I'd drank a whole bottle by myself if it wasn't for the red ring around my lips. It's for this reason and this reason only that I never drink red wine outside of my house except for my Mothers and close girlfriends houses. White wine is nice during the summer and I like a nice cold Chablis with fish or a light lunch but you can't beat a good glass of red.
Recently I read that a glass of wine ,125ml, is equal to TWO BUTTERED SLICES OF WHITE BREAD. Why didn't somebody warn me. That means I've been eating at least six slices of buttered white bread every Friday, not to mention Saturday and even the odd slice on a Sunday, since Gods knows when and I don't even eat white bread.

This coming Saturday is Saint Patricks Day and now I'm starting to worry because I've never eaten a whole sliced white pan three days in a row................ but I'm willing to give it a bash

Must go coffee calling.

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