Thursday, April 19, 2007



Dear Lara,

Yesterday afternoon at the kitchen table I helped you with your English Homework by explaining the word 'OPAQUE'. I realize that

*a linguistic context in which it is not possible to substitute co-referential terms while guaranteeing the preservation of truth values*

is more difficult to understand than

*material through which visible light does not pass through*

because you are only eleven years old.

However, I am positive that I explained OPAQUE and its contexts well enough for you to SEE CLEARLY that I AM NOT A COW.

Its been a while since you called me MUM, preferring to substitute it for words like GREEDY, STINGY, FAT but having been through all this before with your older sister I know you will eventually come round to MUM in time.

Being eleven is a difficult age because you are neither a child nor a woman but the time has come for you to know that you have to stand on your own two feet a little more. That's why the number eleven is shaped like two legs.

Yes, you can have your pocket money back because you've apologised but only half. You'll have to work back the rest. I may not always love the things you say or do but I'll always love you Lara



You might like to add this to your English Homework.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cow may refer to:

* The female of several species of mammal, including bovines, whales, seals and elephants.
* Cattle of all genders, in vernacu cows.
* Vacas, Cows in English, is a 1991 Spanish film
* Al-Baqara, "the Cow", the second chapter of the Qur'an
* Insulting term for an obese or unpleasant woman

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