Thursday, April 26, 2007


When I was pregnant with my fourth child, Audrey, I remember being in the kitchen when The Husband returned home from work earlier than normal. He seemed a little quiet and then he said this.

''I've bad news Ellen, The Company is going into Liquidation''
''WHAT?'' I felt like pressing the rewind button on my life.
"What about the four thousand euro worth of shares we just bought in the company last month because YOUR DIRECTOR BOSS told us to. What about the opportunity of a lifetime to buy low shares in an international company which we would see rise and rise and rise beyond our wildest dreams?"
"Is that all gone?"
"Afraid so. The company was hit badly when investors took their money out after September 11th and never recovered so they've let go all management and gone into liquidation. We won't get our money back. Not a penny"

What about the children, I was thinking. How will we eat, pay bills with no savings left?

"I know," said The Husband smiling at the children who sensed something wasn't quite right
"Let's go to the shops and buy chocolate."
"Hurray" cheered the kids and off we went with The Husband telling me we'd be ok because we had each other and he held my hand all the way to the shops and back home again.

I remember wanting to cry I was so worried but he was right as it turns out because his next job was better than the one he lost. I'm only sharing this so you can understand how proud and delighted I am with The Husband especially last week when he called me in the middle of the day and told me he had been offered a promotion.
Over all of Europe.
Chocolate Time.

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