Monday, May 28, 2007


Because I have four kids of school going years most of my weekday life is spent living the life of a taxi driver. The differences in their ages means three different pick-up times and I'm not complaining. It's just a fact.

My husband lost his job when I was pregnant with number four, Audrey and we had to sell either our second car or the dog in order to survive. They were tough times then. Bringing the three kids back and forth to school by bus along with a newborn breastfeeding baby especially when it was lashing rain. I became a complete cow more so when the mastitis set in. It hurts to even remember.

And that's why I don't complain. I know when I have it good especially on days like this when it's sunny, my car is full of petrol and it's automatic so there's no clutch to bother my recuperating leg which is doing well and resembles a rather depressed looking rainbow.

I make six trips back and forth to the school daily through this One Street Town and for the past two weeks I've had my eye on this little number that I spotted in one of the shop windows

One morning I surprised myself at how ridiculously disappointed I was when I couldn't see it in the window. I thought someone had bought it but it was only the way the light was shining on the window pane. It was beautiful and I couldn't bare to think of someone else having it although I had no intention of splashing out on it myself. Not with four kids who seem a couple of inches taller every morning lately.

On Saturday The Husband took the four kids down to the local 'trendy' shop to buy summer clothes and shoes with names like Rip Curl, Roxy, D&G footwear and Crocks for the older two kids because if we bought them stuff from Dunnes Stores they might never step outside of the house again, would definitely loose all their friends and become social outcasts without a doubt.

While they were gone my phone rang. It was The Husband

"Hi, just wondering what size you are? 12 or 14? (USA 10 or 12) Because I saw a nice t shirt here for you with flowers on it."

"I'm a 12 (USA 10) but make sure you can exchange it"

The husband handed me a white bag when he returned.

"The girls tell me you're always admiring this" he smiles

I look inside and see this


Even better it's an Irish dress designed by REGINE

I always thought they made Mother of The Bride Dresses and Trouser Suits. I've only ever seen them for sale in Arnotts and places like that but they must have branched out with regard their design and I for one am happy about that.

Now, if I drive a little closer to the curb I might get a better view of those red patent leather shoes I glimpsed in the shoe shop window on the way to the school with the kids this morning.


aquaasho said...

Oh my God Ellen that's the most romantic story I've heard in years! That is SO sweet! Have you somewhere/ something special to wear it to?

KEYNOTER said...

I'll think of something!

jothemama said...

Aw! Aw, God! What a good husband, what good girls!

My husband SUCKS!!