Monday, August 20, 2007


This weekend has been unlike any other I've had in a long time. We spent it reminiscing as we listened to 80's music, you know, like New Order which played for one whole summer non stop in a record store under the first office that I ever worked in and Admski, with the excellent Seal as lead singer, stuff that was around about the time we first met.

When we weren't using the rain as an excuse to slip into the pub and read the weekend newspapers, we were eating or dropping into furniture shops checking out their contents as there are still many pieces we need here in this newish house of ours, like bedside lockers, hall table and coffee table for the living room.

And what an incredibly quiet house it is.

So this morning, since The Husband has swallowed his coffee and driven off into the sunrise to start another weeks work I've been listening to songs like this and thinking of a name I could call my liver in the hopes that naming it just might help me to treat it a little better. Any ideas?

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aquaasho said...

Just dropping by to say Hi. I've been in Wexford, coming and going with no internet. Hope you enjoyed your romantic weekend, sounds wonderful! Love that Bjork song, and I was a big New Order fan too! Naming your liver is the funniest thing I've read in ages!!!