Thursday, September 20, 2007


I am quite a forgetful person but recently I've been starring in that area and I blame it all on my mother.

Throughout the whole of my childhood she would say things like 'you'd forget your head only that it's screwed onto you' and call me names like ' Featherhead and Scatterbrain'. She'd make me repeat things after her like bread, milk and a half pound of centre back rashers before I'd head off to the shops. I"m now sure she said it so many times to me that I believed her and became, in the end, the walking manifestation of her belief in my airy headed forgetfulness. And so it's really all her fault that I arrived at the kids school this morning without Sarah's schoolbag.

And without Audrey's yesterday.

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mcewen said...

Well there you go then! And a great photo. Now nip on over and pick up your award.
Best wishes