Tuesday, October 9, 2007


People often ask me ".......but why do you blog?" like I was doing some strange and useless thing that was a complete waste of time like, you know, wallpapering the railings of Stephens Green every Sunday with my dirty laundry and expecting to sell it as art. The reasons I blog are many fold but here are a few.

I blog because my brother and sisters live far away from me. My brother lives with is family in England and I have one sister living in Australia who misses my kids and another sister living on the other side of Ireland in Limerick with her family. It's a great communication tool for keeping track of each other and my blog also allows me to showcase my paintings which I have linked to on this blog.

My reason for writing on this topic is because of comments and links to my site saying that posting photos of my children is wrong. These are usually written by people who selfishly decorate their own posts with other peoples photos without crediting the rightful owner.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and so to those of you who have commented or linked to me on this subject here's a special photo from my own album just for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

Personally I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh and is always entertaining without you having to try! While I feel I may have a couple of years to go before I think about having kids (25 yrs) it's nice to read about the trials that yours put you through and how you let it slide off you without losing your cool! So to he/she with the unfavourable comments GET A LIFE! Highly appropriate photo! :)

Maz said...

Most likely those comments were made by people who haven't a clue about blogging or t'internet!! I've seen this issue raise it's ugly head before in relation to photos on flickr - it's just ignorance. I love the blog don't change a thing about it!!

Audrey said...

I'm the sister in Australia and I absolutely love reading the blog. It rocks. Those that complain are losers with too much time on their hands. They need to get a life. The photos are excellent and you can tell you enjoy posting. It's cathartic. Long may it last.

Maddy said...

Ooo you big rudey! I'll bet that those commenters [commentators?] had one thing in common.....they were all anon!

zee said...

Urgh, what reasons do people give for it being "wrong" to post nice pics of your kids on your blog? It's really sad that people are so paranoid and misinformed about "the dangers of the internet" that they think banishing all photos of children off the net will somehow make the world a safer place. (Bangs head repeatedly off desk).

jothemama said...

Oo, jeeze, I hope you didn't think I think you're wrong to post your photos when I said I'd decided not to. I think they're great, it's lovely for your family and certainly far nicer for your readers to see who you're talking about!