Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Phew! I made it through another one. And what a one it was. All in all it was an excellent year for me. I've made friends and connections through the 178 posts I've written since I started this site on the 13th February earlier this year I've also made a couple of quid from flogging my paintings and no one was injured or hurt during the making of this blog so no complaints there.

I'm a little pickled after the last couple of weeks with all the get-togethers this season brings with it and have put on 5lbs in weight in a perfect little ball between my hips and boobs. Being the kind of person who has to name things in order that 'what I acknowledge I can change' I've decided to call my Christmas Pot belly Johnathan. &I have plans for Johnathan, plans to banish him from my life over the coming months. One man in this house is plenty if you ask me.

It's time now for me to go and have a weak Sapphire Gin & Tonic. Not because I want one you understand but because I hate cold turkey. Of any variety.

Happy New Year to you all

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jothemama said...

Easy come, easy go!

I lost weight 9lbs before Christmas this year from doing the candida diet and being able to eat NOTHING (and I usually put on a good 7lbs over the festive season - this year - 1!) and I was surprised to notice how thirsty I was - so I drank LOADS of water where I usually drink v little, maybe that helped.

A walk each day and no sugar and it'll be gone in a week, don't worry about the gin! :)