Thursday, January 31, 2008


This post is number 200 and there was I wondering how I could mark this monumental moment, you know, write something really engaging like, how I blitzed the overspilling bookcase and erradicated it of works like this

or how I've been warned by the husband under pain of death not to venture out today without leaving a note on the door saying when I'll be back because he's ordered 2 leather jackets, one for him & one for me, for $150 online and they're being delivered today for the 2nd time because, hey, you were too busy living life to be here when they tried to deliver them yesterday.

"Oh you mean those plastic jackets?" I smile

"No....... Leather........Jackets," he says rolling his eyes, shaking his head and tutting which is his way of expressing that proficient men like him who shop successfully online can actually multi task.


"Wait & See" he replies.

So I am waiting and seeing when I spot this

and I'm on the Best Blog Longlist, Best Personal Blog and Best Newcomer too. Four Categories. How the feck did that happen?

Thanks for everyone who voted for me. I never even expected to be a contender.

I was going to paint but I think I better go write up my acceptance speech, make an appointment with the hairdresser for the night of THE BLOG AWARDS, hire a limo coz I aint arriving on no fecking motorbike, and leave a comment on Twenty's blog, you know, something along the lines of, hope he handles disappointments well.

Oh, and I better not forget to grease the sides of the doorways around here so I can fit my head through them.


aquaasho said...

Well done on your nomination Ellen, you SO deserve it!!!

Cristina said...

Congrats Ellen and best of luck! I always enjoy reading your posts :-)
Cristina, fellow Irish Art blogger
P.S. What did the leather jacket look like? Just curious..

jothemama said...

I think the dinner advice is emminently sensible. I wish I did have staff. I think there are so many things that should not be undertaken without means and servants - like having more than one child - hell, I could write a blog about it! :)

I'm so glad you got nominated because I (whisper) missed the deadline and didn't get to nominate you! So now my guilt is assuaged.

Liason said...

congrats on your nomination. love your blog and your artwork.