Friday, February 22, 2008


The Husband & Sarah.

Recently the mood in this house has been a little fractious. Alright then. Very fractious. Especially and most obviously when The Husband turns the key in the lock of the hall door, walks into the kitchen, throws down his laptop, walks into the centre of the room and starts to bellow like a cave man. Today, if we are lucky we might even get to see him thumping himself on the chest. Who knows.

Instead of his usual smiley greeting of 'Hello' the first thing likely to come out of his mouth these days are usually extremely loud questioning sentences to nobody in particular because he's failed to notice they've all left the room. You know, questions like 'HOW..MANY.. TIMES.. HAVE.. I.. TOLD.. YOU.. KIDS.....?' or 'WHO..LEFT..THAT..THERE..FOR..CHRISTSAKES?'

He goes to bed at 9.30pm most nights and hardly ever smiles anymore. Everything is difficult for him recently, you know, like doing things as simple as filling the dogs bowel with water.

Life has no meaning since he gave up cigarettes on Monday


jothemama said...

I didn't know where this was going! Would he be remotely interested to know that Nelson's homoeopathic pharmacy in Duke St do a combo remedy for quitting smokers - it not only helps with the withdrawal but the moods and all the associated nastiness. It's pricey, about €15 and I'm afraid I can't tell you if it works as my own dear smoker refused to use it... but it might even be worth the placebo effect!

Good luck to you all. My idea of heaven is a tobacco free home and husband... sigh.

Maddy said...

Ah ha! I was worried for a moment there, but now it makes sense.

What about those patch things? Or don't they work?
Best wishes