Thursday, March 27, 2008



My sister-in-law gave these ever so cute chicks to Lara just before Easter and I hid them. Yep, I put them deep into the back of the cupboard where I store my table napkins. Because no one looks in there and because those chicks were not meant to be eaten. Ever.

And yesterday when I saw Lara standing in the middle of the kitchen holding one of them in her hand I wanted to sprint over and whip it away from her.

She was talking to her sister and that was when she did it. She bit it's head off. Like she was eating an apple. And then she just carried on with her conversation and I was all, HOW COULD YOU BE SO CRUEL.


janie said...

kids are cruel, they just can't see past the chocolate:)

jothemama said...

My daughter relishes a bit of jelly baby head biting alright.

Paul Pincus said...

image reminds me of Will Cotton! ; )