Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I never wonder where my artistic genes come from. It's so obvious even from the The Easter Dinner my Mother laid on for us all on Sunday.

On the Bank Holiday Monday I painted another of these fellas and this time his name is NED

I also started the first pass in blocking in this 'an fear gorm'. Can you guess who he's going to be?

While The Husband did this


jothemama said...

No need to guess - interesting gorm!

Audrey said...

Is it Mr "No woman no cry"?

jothemama said...

Good woman. He reminds me a bit of the first slayer out of Buffy in this state. Or are you already too young to know what I'm talkin about? Sigh!

janie said...

Considering he's unmistakable at this stage, I really look forward to seeing the finished fear gorm :)
Ned is a beauty, clean and crisp.

Paul Pincus said...

Your husband is gorgeous!