Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Dear Rachel,

Last Friday your headmaster called me to tell me that he was giving you detention because you'd been spotted down the town smoking cigarettes. You'd also left the school grounds at lunchtime without permission. As you've already been suspended in the past for smoking on the school premises I'm disappointed in receiving yet another telephone call on this subject.

Today your friends mother is booking your flight to Turkey so you can holiday with their family in July and I find myself at odds with this situation so, like yourself, being one to search for compromise in a difficult situation I've found something that suits me and hopefully you too.

I'm willing to pay for your ticket to Turkey if you are willing to reimburse me the face value of your ticket, which amounts to three months pocket money being with-held, if at any stage between now and the last day of your secondary schooling your teachers call me with a complaint relating to your leaving the grounds without permission or smoking, whilst in uniform, on or about the school grounds.

I'm as good as my word.

The question is; are you?

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Love Mum

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jothemama said...

Rachel, you are a lucky girl.

The thought of my daughter smoking makes me physically sick and enraged in a bizarre way, as she's not yet five.

It's such a deal breaker. All the stuff we do to try and protect our children from disease and disfigurement, we rejoice in your purity and beauty and youth.

And you want to smell, and lose your sense of taste, and get cat's arse wrinkles round your mouth, and have prematurely old skin, and increase your cancer risk tenfold, and your risk of miscarriage and god knows what else. For what? Rebellion? Independence? 'Looking cool'? It's madness. Madness!

Yours, an interfering aul' one you don't even know :)