Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This photo of my XXL 3.5 foot wide by 2.5 foot high portrait of Bob Marley doesn't do him justice. I have him hanging on my wall as I paint him and I can't move him into better light to take a nice shot of him because the 2 inch sides of the block canvas are wet so you can't make out the texture of his dreadlocks and I mean what is Bob with out his dreadlocks for christsakes.

It's hanging there waiting for Rod to come home from work, look at it and say; "Okay, you can stop now. He looks finished to me."

Did you know if Rod didn't utter those words or decided to leave me, I could very easily still be painting this same portrait of Bob for the rest of my life because to me my paintings are NEVER finished.

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KASEY said...

What a great painting! I too am enjoying your soap opera Sundays. A hot guy on a bike pulling up and telling you to hop on sounds straight out of a romance novel.