Friday, June 13, 2008


Now some of you who read this blog are probably wondering why on earth I posted that letter to Rachel a couple of days ago. You know, perhaps some people like, say my parents, even though I'd already told them about Rachel.

Since they read that post they've more than likely been looking at each other and shaking their heads continuously in disbelief these past few days only stopping to eat and place bets on which month I'll be writing about my favourite sexual positions and will most probably read my blog with their index fingers lightly resting on the power button from now on.

Well the reason I posted that letter about Rachel was because she asked me to. Maybe it was her way of letting everyone in our extended family know. I'm not sure. But she seemed to be and so I did. And yes, I do give the letters I write to my daughters and husband and I hope that one day when the kids are older and have kids themselves they will be able to look back over this like a photo book of their lives and wonder how on earth their parents ever survived without daily doses of horse tranquillizers.

I haven't posted many photos of my second daughter Lara and there are none of her on the walls at home because she asked me not to put any up but things have changed somewhat since she's taken an interest in music, fashion and hairstyles, I must stress the word HAIRSTYLES, and she's asked me to post some shots of her but she has to choreograph and vet them first which is fine by me. So let me introduce you to THE NEW LARA, 12 years of age going on 18

There's another person who's recently given me permission not only to put his photo on my blog but to take his photograph in the first place. Rod

This is how I managed it

"Hi Hun, what are you up to" I ask moving slowly towards him

"Oh, your cleaning your boots" click, click

"Can I take a photograph of your face?" I ask politely and I'm a bit taken aback when he agrees

"Eh, anyone ever tell you you look like Sean Penn."

"If you could manage a smile we can call this progress"

"Thanks hun, I know how difficult that was for you"

Now about those positions.........


aquaasho said...

Ellen you have such a handsome family!

jothemama said...


I'm glad Rachel wanted you to, eh, post your letter.

As you may have noticed, I'm a bit of a believer in total divulgence. I think there's a lot of power in a blog, and in saying things out loud like that. It takes all the fear out of it, makes it easier to normalise and accept - I hope.

karen Harper said...

Hey Lara
Great outfit, reminds me of a top I had, it made your eyes go out of focus when you stared at it....all my friends loved borrowing it!
you are as gorgeous as your Mum!

ioyces said...

ur hubby does look like Sean Pean!!!! :) lovely blog btw....loved ur SOS!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rod looks great!!!! Rugged, Handsome dude eh?