Thursday, July 10, 2008


Now, I've mentioned here that my sister is getting married in October and that she wants my sister and I to wear black slinky dresses. And. I've embarked on the first day of my diet so that that black dress can slink on me. Slink, slink, slink.

I've cut out the coffee and am drinking water instead. I've had one slice of wholewheat toast for breakfast and one slice of wholewheat bread with a banana mashed on top of it for lunch and surprisingly I'm finding it quite easy to stay away from the fridge, the biscuit tin and the crisp and nut cupboard.

Now if only that throbbing, penetrating headache, which has managed to crawl down the right side of my neck and pound on my right shoulder, would disappear I would feel JUST GREAT.

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jothemama said...

Ha, what a friend caffeine is :)

It's jsut detox, it'll go soon. Lots of fruit and water, you'll flush it out.

You big junkie :)