Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay, I'll admit it. That diet? The one that'll get me into the slinky black dress? It only lasted a couple of weeks.

What with all this rain if I hadn't have turned to chili corn chips dipped in lemon and coriander houmous I'd have been on three bottles of wine a night and you better believe it.

But now that I'm getting used to this sodding rain I've got to admit there are a few up sides to it like having time to read The Irish Times, The Independent and the Mail on Sunday all in one day and it was while reading the Sunday Times that I came across this article by Bryan Appleyard called Evolutionary Fitness: the diet that really works. It's based on the history of mans diet, you know, The Hunter Gather method of eating; small stomach/big brain - eat little and often. He lost 14lb in three weeks. 14lbs. WOW. I AM TRULY LIKING THIS

So here it is. This is what I'm not allowed and have not eaten for the past three days:

Cous Cous
Breakfast Cereals
anything carbs actually.
No processed juices/drinks

And what am I allowed? Just protein, meat, fresh vegetables,fruit, eggs, cheese and nuts. I'm not giving up coffee or wine. No way. Of course says the article if I'm eating in a friends house I should eat whatever's offered. It's polite after all and you gotta live in the real world, right?

I've to shop from the edges of the supermarket where all the fresh produce is kept and eat nothing processed like beans or frozen & canned vegetables which are kept in the centre aisles and on Sunday I threw a full sliced pan of multi grain bread into the bin but felt really, really wasteful and guilty until I remembered it only cost me €1.50c or so.

Better in the bin than on the hips I say.

For breakfast yesterday I fixed boiled eggs and lean ham for everyone and to my astonishment no one even blinked an eyelid but that was probably because they were a little in shock when they noticed the sun was shining outside. They'll probably be hitching rides to the nearest Tescos to spend their pocket money on wholesale sized boxes of Cornflakes before long.

I'm not subjecting them to this diet but if there's a box of cereal to be found in this house I'll be the one hugging it and that's for sure.

The article mentioned not eating three square meals a day but just eating whenever I'm hungry and if I've no time for lunch I'm not to worry. I won't actually die.

What a revelation. I think that's where I've been going wrong all along.


Sarah Alcântara said...

Hello Ellen. The bling bling necklace is from an American brand called 'My hip hop bling bling',you can type the name on google and go to their homepage. I think they have a online store.

Thanks for the visit.

Susanne Iles said...

lol! It's day four for me too....I read the same article! No side effects yet and I'm not hungry either...don't you find that you are eating healthier than before? Wishing you the best of luck and the bod you want for that slinky dress...