Sunday, August 17, 2008


Because I'm so terribly clever and an organised person I like to do things like host a BBQ in the garden of our mobile home site and invite 58 adults and kids on what most definitely was the windiest, wettest day this Summer. I guess you could say I like challenges, you know, stretching myself a little.

And because I'm so fecking good at maths I can figure out that 35 people were either unable to come or didn't view driving through the flash flooding we had around here yesterday as a pleasant way to spend their Saturday afternoon.

So at one stage there were 23 adults and kids in our van munching on quarter pounders and sausages and shooting the shit like you do when you're in a situation like this. Or Prison.

All cooked by the resident Saint chef Rod.

In here.

Kids being kids don't mind a little drizzle and after the gale force winds and whipping rain subsided they were popping in and out of the van and when the sun finally came out at around 5pm we put down our wine glasses, picked up our sunglasses and walked to the beach and back. No further because that's what institutionalization does to you.

Later on we lit some candles, ate chips from the chipper, toasted each other with pink champers and clapped each kids party piece. With the Mama Mia soundtrack playing and midnight soon approaching the last 8 guests left for home and a local B & B.

I would've cancelled the BBQ except dumping the tonnage of burgers and sausages I had in my small freezer- free fridge here in the van seemed such a waste and now I'm so glad I didn't. It was a great way to spend a miserable day and I'd do it again today.

Except ............the sun is shining.


What a handsome nephew I have

My friend Elaine's daughter who truly is a living doll

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