Friday, August 1, 2008


This is my floor. I like my floor. It's made of walnut.

It may look like it is dirty but it is not. That's just four kids, 2 adults and a dog who rolls in shit to collect bacteria which helps it shed it's coat kind of dirt. I know because I washed it two days ago. The floor that is. I leave the dog washing to Rod since I spent 10 years cleaning up the pooh created by our four kids

The kids like this floor too. They try to practice their skid turns on their skateboards on it. They roll their marbles up and down it and yesterday Audrey found a new game to play here.

It's called "Lets dig to the centre of the earth like the Swiss"

People often ask me what wood the floor is made of but now the next time someone asks I can tell them and even take them by the hand and walk them straight here to this spot and prove it if they very interested.

Thanks Audrey.

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Nick Fegan said...

Hi Ellen,
I like the floor, it's walnut..don't let anyone tell you otherwise...ha,ha. I love the pic with the close up shot of the knot too. Cool!