Friday, August 22, 2008


This recipe is a quick chicken fried rice which I make at least once a week. It's the only meal everyone eats without emitting their obligatory UUGH! sounds which accompany most of the meals I dish up for the kids.

Meet the players

Chicken Breasts
Spring onion
Soya Sauce

When I was living in Asia I learned how to cook rice as I it ate for four years nearly every day. I find Basmati Rice the nicest and was taught that no matter how much rice you put into the pot you just add enough water to reach the first joint of your thumb. This one here.

Bring the rice to a full boil without lifting off the lid. Wait till the lid is hopping and then turn it right down to the just above the lowest for 10 minutes for the perfect rice. Works for me every time.

Add the oil and fry the egg in the wok and then lift it out.

Roll up the egg and cut it into strips and leave it aside with the chopped garlic and spring onion.

Fry the chicken and add in the chopped spring onion and garlic and egg and then add the rice

Add Soya Sauce to your taste. Mix it all up. Serve with some naan bread and just bring the whole lot to the table. You can add a side order of curry sauce of your choice just for the adults if your kids don't fancy spicy sauces.

I was half way through cooking this when I remembered I'm not supposed to eat the rice on this no carb diet. Bummer. Had to go fix myself a plate of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and pick a few pieces of the chicken out.

Damn diets


jothemama said...

Oo, I think no carb diet is ominous... brown rice is good for you! Have you got smelly breath yet?

David said...

I'm getting hungry with all these pics of food - inviting myself round to yours for dinner :P

I might steal a painting while I'm there... ;)