Tuesday, September 2, 2008



It's my Dad's birthday today and on Sunday we went over to my parents house to give him his present and have dinner with the family. My Mum's a fabulous cook and everything she makes tastes fantastic. So good in fact that I've often wondered if she shakes MSG over every ones plate and when I was in her utility room on Sunday taking a few photos around the place I spotted this which just may be her little trick.

So my Mother and I drank some wine as we prepared the dinner and chatted a good deal about my sisters wedding this October, you know, what was done and who was going to sit where when Audrey brought this photo my mother keeps in her lounge into the kitchen and asked me "Was that you on your wedding day?"

"It sure is" I said
"And what are you doing with the microphone?"
"Oh you know, telling everyone how I met your Dad and talking about the pros and cons of having a bird nesting on top of my head."

Did I ever pay someone for doing that to me and if so WHY for Christsakes?

"Why are your eyes all red Mummy?"
"Oh that's a family trait. Just look at your sisters"

At the meal we talked more about my sisters wedding and another lady too. Mrs Sarah Palin.

Now I decided way back when I started this blog that I wasn't going to mention politics here. No Bertie, no Brian, no Mary, no politics, no shit, easy right? So I'm breaking my own rules. Well come on she's an interesting lady: Young mother, five kids, 44 years old, Vice President.

Anyhow, we talked about Sarah Palin and about Obama and their lack of experience and I said that Sarah Palin must be just that little bit more clever than Obama in that she wasn't stupid enough to put herself forward for the role of President, realising she had, like Obama, very little experience under her belt. And my Dad replied "Well if Sarah Palin is a stupid choice for VP then that means the millions who voted Obama in must en mass be stupid also because they are voting in a potential President with minimal experience."

We discussed how she only recently got her Passport to go visit the troops. How she has never traveled outside of the country besides that one occasion and with McCain having skin cancer her chance of being President is higher assuming he is elected.

She'll have sharks all around her trying to catch her out. Asking her questions like 'What do you know about New Zealands Nuclear Policy. I suppose she could answer. That question's a bridge we can cross later. In fact we may find we don't need to cross that bridge at all.' I hear Mrs Palins good with bridges especially with ones that lead to no where.

And so our conversation went on like that for much of the meal which may account for the look on the kids faces.

But it was my Dads Birthday dinner and there's nothing he likes better than a good old heated debate at the table and besides I like Sarah Palin if not her politics. Sarah the person, the women and how she gives other women hope that we can have a little of the power that's usually grasped tightly in the hands of men. She's a great role model and now all I have to do is have another baby and wait till I'm 44 and I'll be on the right track to running this god damn country.

Happy Birthday Dad & remember Jesus would have been a Democrat

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Maddy said...

A lovely 'family portrait' you paint there dearie. I suspect we might be related as we also have red eyes.

Hope you sang with that microphone in your hand. There's a lot to be said for 'classic' looks if only we knew it at the time that we submitted to being primped.

My mum always used to say that such and such film / photo / programme was so 'dated.' I thought she was barmy. Sadly, now that I look through my own photograph albums I know exactly what she means.