Monday, September 22, 2008


This is the start of the third week since the kids went back to school and what a two weeks it's been.

I lost one of my diamond stud earrings on the same day that Rod reversed out of his parking spot at work scraping a colleagues car and next day the postman delivers me a €40 parking fine dated back to the 9th August. Only my second ever. It was for that one time I ran into the bank to deposit some money without paying for parking because it was raining. And then because things come in lots the MOT tester of my car informs me I need new tyres on my car and my suspension fixed and a new rear back light. I wouldn't mind only I put my car in for a full service the day before.

Like great, bring on the real shit and then you get exactly what you asked for. Three of the kids got ill with bad, bad colds and had to stay home for the week practically and so I do what I do best when I'm stressed. I clean and tidy.

It's not that I want to clean and tidy it's just that it gives me a feeling of control over my life. Like, see I have no cobwebs under my bed because I'm organised and everything is running fine in my world. What about yours? Would you like to check out my shower drain? You'd be amazed at how vinegar shines it up so good.

Of course there were good things too like talking to Rod about his promotion and assuring him that we'd be okay with his having to travel away from home more and on Saturday things seemed a little brighter when the sun decided to try and overcome it's agoraphobia. So we packed the suitcases, kids and dog into the car and headed off for the east coast of Ireland where parking fines and car troubles don't seem so important when there are picnics to be had on beaches and wine to be drunk.

We arrived back Sunday and this morning when I returned to an empty house after walking the kids to school I tidied up the breakfast dishes, put dinner in the slow cooker and threw on a wash and I found some rose incense sticks while putting something away in a cupboard and I thought. Perfect. Now my world can smell of roses.

But could I find a lighter or a match? Nope. So I stick the incense stick into the toaster and try to light it that way but it drops out of my hand and falls into the bottom of the hot toaster. I struggle to get it out and soon the whole kitchen and hall is covered in a misty haze of burnt roses and toast and I laugh.

A little too hysterically perhaps?

Anyhow, how's your day smelling?

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jothemama said...

Oh dear, a little bit of dog pee, now that you ask.

But the Blog awards in Cork, a weekend away, lovely Lady Blogger Tea Party plans... that's going ot sustain me for the next five months!

I love how you look like you're making a vehement point in most of the photos of you.