Thursday, November 6, 2008

When the cats away............

I don't know what it is about my need for the near obsessive rearranging of paintings, photos, ornaments and furniture that I've been doing around this house since Rod left Ireland on business last Monday.

So far I've hammered 8 nails into the walls of this house to hang more photos,
culled the kids toys,the bookcase, my wardrobe and cupboards and dumped the the hoarded and unused tv and dvd player that's been lurking in the lounge corner for months now down at the recycling centre.

I've hung new black lace panels behind the curtains in the lounge

and painted random black stripes on the old coffee table from my last house because I haven't found a new one I like for under €400.

I've organized my jewelry into three separate jewelry boxes on my dressing table- my rings with my earrings,my necklaces in another and my bracelets in the last so I can grab them more easily in the morning instead of wearing the same necklace since 2004.

Perhaps I've been doing all this because........?

a) I'm pregnant.
b) Spring has come early
b) I'm a sadist
c) I'm a martyr
d) I'm bored
e) I've been listening too much to Barack Obama lately

I can't decide now because I've an uncontrollable urge to head down to the local hardware shop and buy and replace the broken U-bend belonging to my utility room sink which has been looking at me accusingly for years. And yes, I did mean to write the word 'years'. That was NOT a typo. No. That's how long it's been broken, how long I've not used the bloody thing. How long I am successfully able to procrastinate.

Can you see how riveting and exciting my life is right now?


Audrey said...

de-cluttering is so important. And you see what happens... as soon as you de-clutter you make space for other things like u-bends. Once your done with the u-bends the sky's the limit

Susanne Iles said...

You've inspired me to cast a more objective/creative glance over this old farmhouse.

jothemama said...

My upstairs toilet hasn't flushed properly since the spring. Our trainee plumber friend has the part we need, but he hasn't made it out, yet.

Ellen. I need a non-judgemental clutterologist to help me clear my rubbish tip of a house. If you run out of things to do at yours, please come help me with mine!

zeroliner said...

I guess you are bored.
It's the illness of the century.

Shellie said...

If that is an illness, I sooo need to catch it!