Sunday, December 28, 2008


Now that Christmas is over and all the fridge contains is a half empty bottle of Bacardi, one pint of milk, crab meat, smoked salmon, fresh cherries, cream, raspberries and a plate of assorted half consumed cheeses it's time to venture out to Tescos once again and time to re-teach the kids the meaning of the word 'NO'

This has been the first Christmas ever that we have spent Christmas on our own, besides when we were living in Asia, and what a great time we had this year.

No need to change out of our pyjamas till we felt like it. No reason to feel guilty about drinking champagne at 9am or about popping a chocolate bar into one of the kids mouths to stop them from screaming. Nope. It was all good. Nobody getting drunk, no dried out turkey (boned & rolled, your only man), no Brussels sprouts and no arguments.

Can it really all be over already?

Roll on the New Year that's what I say...............

I'll post some phtos of the lovely presents I got from Rod and gave to him this Christmas some time over the coming week. The kids are off school and so 'downloading and uploading photo time' is at a premium not to mention actually being allowed to sit in front of my own computer.

I hope you all had a good one too.


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