Monday, February 9, 2009

All good things come to an end

When we woke up last week and saw this everyone in the house was delighted

Except for our dog Molly who became a target for easy hits.

After a while the novelty began to wear off

And soon the kids were begging to return to school.

It's been raining today and most of the snow has disappeared but it was fun while it lasted. I took the photos above after a trip one day up the mountains to Powerscourt where we had great fun building snowmen in foot high snow before a groundsman came along and informed us we were snapping the blades of grass on his expensively manicured golf course which was under all that snow and asked us to move on.

Most of the week the kids were out of school and spent a lot of the time out playing with the neighbours kids in the snow while I played with my new camera and whiled away the hours by manipulating a few photos of my girls and my sisters lovely kids using the excellent Gimp application.

I'll post some more of them later today when I get time


Nick Fegan said...

Hi Ellen,
LONG tme no hear!! Love the per usual. i'm getting back to the one you set up for me.Still havin a bit of trouble getting to add links,navigate round etc.Your a 'great' photographer...REALLY. Keep up the good work.

PHOTOG said...

Beautiful pictures - I really like your blog - I will definitely be back