Monday, May 2, 2011


Red riverdance through the rape field

I went to Wexford for a couple of weeks for the Easter break and came across a beautiful rape seed field one morning so I just had to return later that afternoon and took some shots with Sarah who just wanted to walk deeper and deeper into the field.

When I was creating this photo I was thinking what a horrible name for such a beautiful field full of flowers. Rape seed? So then I made them blood red instead of yellow because that would be the colour of rape if it had one I was thinking red rape seed and blood and how it connected to menustration and how these are things every woman knows about or deals with during their lifetime whether they like it or not. I suppose having four daughters makes me think about all they will have to go through in their lives.

The field was buzzing really loudly with the sound of bees and somewhere on my computer I've got a shot of Sarah running towards me with a less relaxed look on her face than the one in this photo :) I'll post it if I can find it

Yeah, here it is.....

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