Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This was inspired by a magazine advertisement I saw while reading on an aeroplane last month. In the advert here was a girl wearing a gas mask while posing in lovely clothing. I saw no reason at all for the gas mask but even so it caught my attention which I guess all good advertisements should do. So anyway, I thought I'd do one myself and here it is. By the way this piece does not relate in any way to me or my life. Just thought I'd add that in case my Dad who checks out this blog every now and then gets worried about my state of mind.

Below is a stock photo of a room which I duplicated and flipped and blurred to give it a little more depth.
This is my 998th image and I hope to reach the 1000th mark by the weekend.


Model MjRanum.
Room stock
Processing by moi


Serge said...

Your work is very unique and inspirational. I experimented with surreal portraits and find this genre of photography very rewarding. Your ability to blend fiction with reality is what draws me into your work. Thank you!

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