Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A letter I have had in Draft since 10th April 2008

Dear Rachel,

Last night you told me. You said it.

I know you were outed to me a couple of weeks ago by someone whose birthday gift of €20 you said you used to buy a crowbar to extradite yourself from your closet.

You were probably mortified when I questioned you about it and that's the reason you denied it. You weren't ready to tell me. Perhaps you wanted to be sure. See for yourself that it wasn't a phase that would wear off after you had a shower on Saturday.

The thing is Rachel, you're my daughter and I love you and always will. I love you because I know you. What a nice person you are and because I've known you for so long, I knew already.

If I seem a little - 'sad' is not the word I am looking for nor is 'quiet' but you know what I mean - it's because I'm thinking your road is harder now and I only want the best, the smoothest, the most unhindered, obstacle free road for you. But it's your road not mine and to be honest I really don't believe there's a person in the world with a road like that.

So good luck honey, and remember; be good, be happy, stay kind and give your Dad a little time. You built a small mountain in his road and he's trying to climb over it.

Love Mum



Anonymous said...

What an articulate, elegant, loving, beautiful, understanding and supportive post!

Thankfully people are slowly become more and more open minded when it comes to "alternative" sexualities. It is people like Iris Robinson and not Rachel who need treatment.

"You built a small mountain in his road and he's trying to climb over it."

Absolutely beautifully put! I'm sure it will all be fine.

Anonymous said...

*speechless with awe*

aquaasho said...

Wow Ellen. Incredible post. I do hope Rachel's road is bump free, I'd imagine you have equipped her with the confidence needed to negotiate life's little bumps anyway.

Red Mum said...

As with TPS I am speechless except to say every word in your eloquent and beautiful letter oozes love.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post with huge honesty. Be proud and brave :)


Becs said...

My goodness. From someone who recently came out to my mother and thankfully got a similar have no idea how much of a relief and comfort your support can provide. Yay to mammies everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this.I told my own parents a few weeks ago my mother in particular has taken it very badly and has been very angry and abusive. Your letter has/can provide so much.