Thursday, February 22, 2007


On Thursday the electricity went off at 7.30pm and stayed off till lunchtime the next day. My freezer defrosted with everything in it. If I happen to see an electricity suppply board vehicle passing my house I am going outside to play frezbie with it.
Yesterday Rachel aged 14 came into the kitchen smiling.
'Guess what? Simon just told us he was gay! Thats so cool, now I have a gay friend.'
'Oh, has he told his parents?'
No, he's afraid to. She probably knows already by the way he dresses and the music he listens to.... japenese girls with really pretty dainty voices.'
'I am sure she would understand, she seems very nice and openminded to me'
Audrey is four years old and is sitting at our feet unoticed.
She says
'Do I have school tomorrow so I can tell Diane'..... (his sister who is in her class)
Rachel looks at me shocked.....Oh my GOD! DONT SAY ANYTHING
'Hmmmmm... Give me a ride around the house on your shoulders and I wont say anything.'
Rachel laughs in disbelief...' I am being blackmailed by my 4 year old sister'.

Went for a walk in an oak forest with the kids yesterday morning.

Along the walk and by the stream found this hanging from a tree


Had a couple over for dinner yesterday evening. They brought their two kids with them which kept my two youngest amused. Everyone wanted to play pass the parcel with the youngest who was only 3 months. I made king prawns, mango and advocado on brown bread with side salad and bought a chocolate cake. We polished it off with 2 bottles of white wine between three of us. When I was in the hall hanging up the coats in the closet I over heard them asking hubby why he wasnt drinking. He replied because when I start I just dont want to stop.

I have just returned from the gym and am eating lunch as I type this. I ran\walked 7.1km and flung a couple of weights about. My gym is in this hotel with floor to ceiling glass which looks out over a green glen. It helps make my exercising less boring and destracts me from the stench of body odour.

My lunch is left overs thrown into a bowel

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