Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Dear Mum,

Thanks for the party on Saturday. I had such a good time and now everyone in my class wants to be my friend but that might because I told them I was going to have ANOTHER party next weekend with all the stuff we have left over.

Could you please ask Dad to get the car fixed NOW because I am tired of walking to and from school especially when I cant see where I am going because the rain is lashing into my eyes. Its been a week and a half now and, living in a one street town, EVERYONE sees us and thinks we cant afford the car tax or insurance. The only upside is I get to go into the butchers with you instead of the supermarket and the butchers is much more interesting especially today when I watched the man cut the big sheep in half with that huge saw and yes, I did mean it when I said
"Thats what I want to be when I grow up" I dont know why the man laughed when I said that and why you kept trying to pull me out of the shop just when he was getting to the interesting bit, dismembering the limbs. Maybe we can stop by again tomorrow.

Love Audrey.

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