Monday, March 5, 2007


First off I would like to say that the following photos are for the benefit of A in Australia and P in the UK. Just in case you're getting a bit homesick for the old home town and all those green fields you left behind.
Beautiful Ireland

Daire is a Faggot


Before the little guests arrived for Audreys Party some big ones made an appearance. Rachels friends arrived en mass. The one that I noticed the most was the one with the 'Liberty Spikes' . I wondered if he happened to trip during the party could he possibly stab one of the little ones with that hairstyle? So I rushed to the files to check my house insurance policy.

He was carrying with him a magazine insert belonging to the Irish Times and he gave it to me. Oh my God! Look! It's Rachel and Liberty Spike spread across its pages for an article on Teenagers written by an aquaintence of mine. My heart was so swollen I couldn't talk properly for a few hours.


The Tribe left before the 30 little ones arrived and I went off with Audrey to find something for her to wear. After several changes she knew exactly what she wanted but it belonged to Sarah who's bigger. Did SHE care?
"Look at my face,...... am I bothered?"
"Does this face look bothered?" she says pointing at herself.

Do I look good in this


I thought the party went well if I discounted

1. the child who did a wee on my new carpet and
2. the little girl who caught her finger in the door and couldn't point to the girl who slammed it on her because it was her " pointing finger that HURT... STUPID."

At one stage I opened the lounge door and was knocked back a few feet by the blast of hot air that rushed out from the 30 little dancing bodies. A couple of them told me they felt SICK from all the chocolate they had eaten and I had to keep an eye on one little mite who was gagging as she walked down the hall.

Time to blow out the cake

When the party was over and all the children had popped back into their shoes, coats and cars I waved goodbye and returned to my house which looked unrecognizable.
What WAS that brown stuff smeared on the walls?
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not a clean freak.
But Rod is.


James said...

Excellent bloggage there, Ellen!

I haven't given you much to go on, but I can't wait to see the script.


Audrey said...

Fame at last - even if it is vicarious.

The party looks mad. I wouldn't mind one of those ice-cream cakes that you spent hours making ;)

There are some parts of Ireland I definitely don't miss.

A from Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

Wish Rachel a very happy birthday from us all in Ashbourne and give her a big squidgy hug from me, whether she wants one or not.

Tell her that she is a beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful young woman and I am proud to know her.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like all had a great time!

skeet said...

Sounds like a lot of fun - well, except for carpet wee and brown goo, but since that's someone else's department I'm sure you all had a grand time. And the birthday girl is lovely in pink and blue!

Visting from the Carnival of Family Life.

Kerri said...

30? You are brave. I thought we had a ton with 14 guests! I'm guessing since it wasn't mentioned in the "if I discounted" portion that the child with the spikes maimed no one? :)

Here via CoFL