Friday, March 2, 2007


It was Audreys real birthday yesterday. She's 5 now. I say real because I've invited 30+ kids from her class and the neighbour hood to come over between 2pm and 4pm tomorrow. I must've been in a REALLY good mood when I did THAT.

For Tea I made her chips and sausages like she wanted and a suprise birthday cake I spent hours slaving over. A block of vanilla ice-cream with a large bag of M&M's sprinkled over it.
Unfortunately having four daughters does mean that I forget now and then who likes beans, who hates peas and who sometimes likes peanut butter. When I made the cake I forgot who doesn't like ice-cream. And that it's always a good idea not to buy magic re-lighting candles for anybody 5 years of age or under because they can suffer from hyperventilation and exhaustion and cry for several hours afterwards in the belief that their wish wont come true because they couldn't blow them out.

She picked out a Brat Doll that blows bubbles and couldn't wait to get home to play with it. In the house I started to remove the packaging and 4 hours later placed the doll into her hands. She ran up stairs and I could hear her and her sister Sarah, 6 laughing . 5 minutes later she approached me with intrepidation. Brat Doll wasn't working. They'd stripped her of her clothes,filled up the sink with water and plunged her in head first. €49 euros worth of electronics stopped working. Even R the Engineer couldn't manage to fix it

She got some presents from her sisters that she liked and others that she didn't

Did you enjoy your birthday Audrey?

''Eh yea, and if I've to go to school tomorrow could you PPPPPLEASE not give me that salami because it tasts disgusting soldiers trousers"

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Audrey said...

you are a mad woman, 30+ kids !!! I bet they all had a ball though.