Monday, February 26, 2007


This is my eldest daughter Rachel, 14.

On Friday she was in the lounge with her friend. When I entered the room I knew from the way her friend threw herself to the ground like she was diving into a heated olympic sized swimming pool that they were hiding something. I tapped her with my foot and asked her what she was hiding beneath herself. It was then that I noticed the sewing basket and a couple of sewing needles scattered around the coffee table. When her friend finally looked up at me I noticed a sewing needle sticking out from beneath her lower lip. My daughter had pierced her friends lip. Ouchhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At the dinner table today Sarah, 5 said
'The girls in my class were saying
'Your mother's weird because she gives you sandwiches with blood in them'. So, please Mum, even though I love it don't put beetroot in them any more, ok.?'
On Sunday Rod took it into his head that wanted to look around mens' shops in Dublin City Centre for a leather jacket for himself now that the Summer is approaching. Knowing how painful it can be traipsing around with four children whinging for a constant supply of sugar to keep their blood sugar levels up to the heights they crave I decided to take the two youngest Sarah, 5 and Audrey, 4 away from the hustle, bustle and dirt of the city and bring them back to nature with a trip the local beach.

Sarah,5, learned how to skim stones across the top of the water
and Audrey, 4, learned to look straight ahead when she is walking and that our dog Molly never actually qualified as a guide dog.for the blind.

On the way home Molly met an admirer much to the delight of the kids.

We couldn't seem to find it's owner and it had no name tag. The kids were trying to guess its name and didn't think much of my suggestion........ '69'.

My cae keeps dying when I am driving. I think it's the revs. My car has a computer in it and I am waiting for this guy to come to my house early this week, plug in his laptop into my car and tell me what the hell's wrong with it. Rain is forcast for tomorrow and we have to WALK to the school. The kids will look like drowned rats by the time they reach the bloody school.


Lots of people asked me what I thought of Britney.
I think that maybe she was asked to to a drug test using strands of her hair and so she decided to cut it all off rather than go through with it as it would show signs of her drug use in the past, She was only just over the birth of her first child when she got pregnant again and I think she is suffering from post natal depression. I feel for her. I know what that's like. Lots of crying, moods swings. Up one day, down the next. Hmmmmm.............Poor Britney......I hope the tabloids leave her ALONE.

Better go now as it's late and I need to get to sleep before my husband falls into snoring mode.

Good night!


Anonymous said...

good one Ellen. Blood in the sandwiches and it's not even Hallowe'en. Tell Rachel that if she really does want to pierce (1) make sure she practices on someone else before attempting herself (2) perfect the technique (3) decide she doesn't want to resemble a sieve and finally (4) STERILISE THE BLOODY NEEDLE.

Anonymous said...

Tears of laughter - love it ;)