Thursday, February 22, 2007



The weekend went well. Our youngest daughter was invited to a party in a play area with slides and mazes and so we put the other two girls in also and went for a walk. We passed through a stile,

crossed some railway tracks

to get to the beach where we walked and talked and talked some more. I love my husband even if he does act like a geek sometimes.

On Saturday my youngest daughter was on my lap when she decided to kick me in my sore rib. I thought the searing pain I felt would eventually subside. But no. Forget the paracetamol. Neurofen Plus became my best friend.

Sunday entailed a visit to my Mums. My sister was staying for the weekend with her kids and we had a lovely roast lamb meal with wine and individual apple pies. With my medication and the couple of glasses of wine that I drank.....I was in fine form and we made plans for my sister and her kids to spend the following day at my house.

But things changed next day when

I ran out of painkillers.
My house phone charger was dead.
My phone was in my husbands car
My email wouldnt send mail
My car wouldnt start.

I thought I was going to die.
I thought I had a perforated lung
I thought I was 3 centimetres dilated under my armpit.

My 11 year olds phone has been out of credit for about 4 months now. It was a pain-filled walk to the shop in the rain for 10 euros worth of credit and even more painful to find on my return that something she had downloaded was eating up the credit I had just put in.

46cent remained. Enough for me to text husband like this.

Remember that Ray LaMontagne cd you bought me last week because of the song 'Saved by a woman'? Yea, well now its your turn.......Save ME. Need to go to hospital. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

I was in hospital by 4.00pm and out at 3.00am. Thats what private healthcare gets you here in Ireland. It takes 11 hours for one x ray and one doctor to look at it and tell you its fractured. WHAT NO PERFORATED LUNG. CHECK AGAIN DOCTOR.
Actually while your at it could you also check my ass because its paralyzed from sitting on that plastic chair for 11 hours


Rod took Tuesday and Wednesday off work and wouldn't let me do ANYTHING. On Wednesday we went to 'The biggest Mall in Europe', Dundrum Shopping Centre to buy clothes and trainers for the kids on Wednesday - they are off school all week for mid term. I was careful to stay close to Rod and the kids because at one stage I started to follow the wrong family.
Me and painkillers never did mix.
Better go now. My friend is returning my eldest daughter to the fold.

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