Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Dear Kids,

I know you are happy to be back home and you can stop hugging me now. Sligo may not be a lifestyle choice for you but it sure does put things into perspective. Audrey, you are a delight singing your Irish songs and dancing your reels for the locals who called in on Saturday night to say hello. Sarah, you are more shy than I though you would be, hiding behind your fathers chair as you recited your poetry. Lara and Rachel, it was lovely to see you tucked up in bed together even though you both slept fully dressed refusing to remove your clothing because it was cold and damp and no one had slept in that bed since you did last year. You knew your grandfather and greatgrandfather both died in the house and you were absolutely sure it was in THAT bed because the varnish on the headboard was worn away in a perfect circle right in the centre. I lied. You were right.

A few other points I should mention. The population of the village is 4 not 3. The pub across the road and the people living in the house opposite and the house at the top of the village all have the same surname as us. Last year your father was drinking at the bar counter in the pub up the village with two men who had the EXACT same name as him.

You have now learnt that there is life without a mobile phone. The sun still rises without TV and when a bull seems to be staring straight at you he is actually looking sideways.


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