Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yesterday while I was changing the sheets in Laras bedroom because she was having her twin friends sleepover Rachel called on the telephone.

"Can Chrissie Hynde sleepover? . We've just been up to her house and her mother has thrown her handbag into the fire and burned everything in it, phone, money, make-up. All her clothes are in boxes on her bed and she is not allowed to take them until she finds somewhere else to live. Her grandmother is on holidays and won't be back for a week. We are on our way to the police station to lodge a complaint of abuse against her father for hitting her in the stomach yesterday"

"Why did she burn her bag for CHRISTSAKES?"

"Because her father called her at random during the day last week and told her to get home fast. She could tell that he was drinking and so she ignored him and turned off her phone. When she went home later on that evening he had burned all her jeans and boxed her in the face. She had a photo on her phone of the thick lip he gave her. She went home today and did what Dad told her to do yesterday when she had to stay in our house because her father had punched her in the stomach She told her mother she was going to lodge a complaint with the police and show them the photo if he ever touched her again and that was when her mother threw her bag into the fire."

"Ok, but I have to text her Mother to let her know where she is"

5 minutes later The Father turns up at the door. I leave the husband to deal with it because he had talked with him when he turned up the night before to talk about his 3,000sq ft seven bedroomed house, his speedboat and why he has to punch his daughter. I could hear him at the door.

"I'm sorry to have to dump all this hassle on you"

"You're not dumping anything on me, I have two choices here." says The Husband.

" I can put Chrissie Hynde out on the street or let her stay the night in my house. If I put her out on the street you know that's where she'll be for the night because there's no way she going to go home to you now"

I couldnt hear the rest of the conversation because my phone rang.

Oh no, it was the Mother of that awful girl who copies EVERYTHING Lara has and does The one who looks like death warmed up and survives on pasta, chips and takes off all her clothes and puts on Laras when she comes to our house. The one Lara is trying to stay as far away as possible from. The one who tells tales to me ALL THE TIME about Lara when she comes to our house and she's TWELVE YEARS OLD FOR GODSAKES.

"Hi, is it a good time to talk. I want to discuss "single white female" and Lara. They seem to have had a falling out this past month and I was wondering if we could sort it out and get them together before they return to school."

Actually, neither Lara, her three sisters, The Husband or I like your daughter AT ALL. She's a mean nasty piece of work and we'd all prefer it if we never clapped eyes on her FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.

"Sure, I can talk, have they really? I've heard nothing about it. Lara is so busy with Swimming, GAA, Soccer, Gymnastics, Athletics. She seems to be hanging around with The Twins because they are very sporty too and do many of the sports she does. I'll talk to her and get back to you ok"


Dammit, I missed ear wigging on the end of the conversation at the door.

I hear the door shut and The Husband comes into the kitchen with raised eyebrows He starts to tell me the ins and outs but my phone beeps, it's a text from my Mother.

My sisters son has just smashed in his adult teeth bouncing on a trampoline. I go to call her after greeting the twins who have arrived for their sleepover but Rachel appears behind me and hands me the phone.

"It's Social Services they want to speak to you."

All in all it was a quiet day thank God.

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