Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Dear Kids,

Now that you are going to be home from school for 14 days in a row you are going to have to give me time to get used to that. I thought that it would be best if we started with a few ground rules so that we All know where we stand on matters of importance to ME. Since we're on the subject of 'GROUND' lets start there shall we.

Any items of clothing or toys found on the ground after tidying up time shall be put into a bag and sold on e bay.

You will notice a large chain around the fridge, for the benefit of the younger ones, the big steel thing on the front is called a padlock. This padlock has two keys. I have one and your father has the other.

You may not stay so long at your friends houses that I dont recognise you on your return home..

If you check carefully you will realize the following.

There is NO taxi sign over my car.

The white ball of fluff with four legs is called 'THE DOG'. This needs to be watered, fed and walked, daily.

Man cannot live on sweets and Coke alone.

Dishwashers are incapable of filling themselves. Ditto emptying.

Although pocket money is a solid objet you are able to stretch it.

Happy Easter Kids,

Love Mum.

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