Thursday, April 5, 2007


In SOME areas of his life my husband is the King of Delayed Gratification. He can waits weeks before wearing something he's bought because he gets pleasure seeing it hanging in his wardrobe and looks forward to the day he can take it out and wear it. I can't understand this because I'm the kind of person who will ask the shop assistant if I can use her rubbish bin to throw away my old shoes and wear the ones I've just bought from her. I mean, I might get knocked down by a bus when I leave the shop so better to die with a beautiful pair of 4 inch high heels on than a minging pair of Nike. Right?

Last month The Husband was commenting on how his RedWing boots were still in great condition considering the fact that they were two years old. I agreed, they did look good. A couple of days later he checked online and RedWing Boots had now gone up to €200. After searching he eventually found a site that sold RedWing boots for €150 and he was going to be clever and buy another pair now for when the ones he has wear out. And so low and behold two weeks later this this appeared on the kitchen table.


His delayed gratification took a bashing when they DIDN'T fit. He returned them for €25 at the Post Office and another box arrived the day before yesterday.

They sat in the box unopened on the kitchen table for three hours while he did several menial tasks about the house and finally when all was done he opened the box


"They're a tiny bit small on the right foot, but they'll do if I wear thin socks. Do you like them" he asked obviously not noticing my screwed up face as he marched macho-like around the kitchen.
"Mmmmmmmm" I mumbled. "They don't look anything like your last ones and WHY ARE THE SOLES WHITE FOR CHRISTSAKES?"

"Because they were originally worn by oil rig workers and the soles were made white so their wives could see that they had cleaned the oil off their boots when they came into the house after work.


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