Friday, April 13, 2007


One of Chrissie friends gave her his spare phone and I called her on it at lunchtime. Someone stole her savings, all €100 and she'd only been there one night. The place was full of inner city scumbags with half of them pregnant, she informed me. Her phone was out of credit and she wasn't allowed to leave the building.
I went online and sent her credit to her phone. She texted me that her parents had told all family members to refuse to care for her so that she would have to agree to go home. I told her that her parents were probably worried about the future of their other kids if this went any further and that if she did have to go home her Father might not hit her anymore because she had stood up for herself this time. They came to the hostel and brought her home.

What kind of life is it if there is no soft place to rest?

I packed the kids into the car and went to Avoca to meet up with my friend and her two children. We had scones and coffees outside in the hot sun and talked for three hours while the kids played in the stream with sticks and climbed trees with branches thick and shiny from wear. I took her son home with me when I left. He's going to stay with us until Saturday.

I went up into the attic after dinner (char grilled chicken breasts, red pepper and onion on a bed of tagliatelle carbonara) and threw down 8 black bags of summer clothes for the six of us. Because Audrey is 5 and Sarah 6 they can wear the same clothes and so it should be interesting in the morning to see them rip apart the odd sparkly t shirt or pretty dress between them in an effort to look coolest.

I watered my flowerbed as the sun was going down and its lovely to see the new shoots pushing up through the earth even if I can't remember which plant is which. The fact that they're all blue, white or purple is all that matters to me. There's another 20 foot left that's covered with grass and I plan on tackling that on Sunday because I have some small bamboos to plant and some old potted lilies my mother gave me 5 years ago that have outgrown their container.
I cant believe I'm writing about flowerbeds but I never had one until I moved to this one street town a little over a year ago. Come to think of it never had a dishwasher till I moved here either. Now let me tell you about the wheels on that................


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