Monday, April 16, 2007


Friday was going to be a busy day and so I thought before I set off to do all I had to do I would check in on Chrissie. I texted her.
'How are things?'
'Nobody talking here'
'I am leaving for my friend S's house. Rachel and Liberty Spike will be there. Be here at 11.30am if you want to go with me.'

She arrived on time with a large bunch of red roses, a big chocolate heart and a letter from her mother in a brown envelope which I couldn't read in front of her and left for later on.

I piled all the kids into the car and off we went to S's house. Chrissie told me all about the hostel on the way.
How there were two girls and three boys all called Anto. How one Anto threw six glass bottles down the street after the girl who had stolen her money. How Social Services were coming to her house on Monday to check up on the other kids.

We got to S's house and Rachel watched the kids there while S and I went to another friends house to discuss the painting I am doing for her husbands birthday. We had a lovely lunch and afterwards I picked up the 7 kids from S's house and I set off home after several headcounts.

On Saturday morning I dropped my 'extra' children home to their respective houses and I went to my mothers house where my husband, who arrived earlier than me, spent 8 long hours up in her dark hot attic laying rolls of insulation while my Mum and I sipped a very nice bottle of Louis Latour Pinot Gris and said 'oh dear, you poor love' and things like that when he came down for his rehydration drinks.
Later Mum and I became very nostalgic over old photographs, I asked her for the ones of me when I was small. She gave them to me and when I counted there were only 10. Hello... 10 photographs.....Where's the rest of my life...........Here's a few

and the one I like best of all is this one of me sitting next to my best friend who was born a couple of weeks apart from me and lived next door.

We had a lot in common then but our paths diverged when he took up bank robbery as a profession.

Sunday morning was beautiful. I planted more flowers and made a roast chicken dinner and brought the kids to the beach at 7.30pm that evening. Its only a 10 minute drive from here and the sand is soft and white.



They showered after arriving home wet, sandy and tired and fell into bed ready for school in the morning.

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Audrey said...

That picture of Mum holding a baby is the ONLY picture of me as a baby which is why someone who is missing from that photo used to slag me I could be adopted. I can't believe looking at that photo that Mum is 3 years younger than me now