Friday, May 18, 2007


"Mum, can I sleepover in R's house tonight" said Rachel
"But you're going to see her in school in the morning." I replied.
"But I'm bored......" sighed Rachel.
"OK, if you get your Dad to drop you over and her Mother on the phone so I can talk to her about it." I said washing some dishes.

"Dad said he would drop me over."
"OK, now I just need to speak to her Mother."
"I've already called the house twice in 15 minutes, Dad can speak to her Mother when he drives over."
"Your Father is in his Sloppy Joes and won't get out of the car wearing them so call her and let me speak to her ON THE PHONE."

"I'll tell you what's happening, Dad will drive me over and speak to her Mother........ or I will walk to her house." she said talking slowly to me like I've had Audrey's brain transplanted into my skull.

"No I'll tell you what's happening. You'll call her Mother on the phone and I'll speak to her. You will NOT walk to her house."
"Fine I won't go."
"Fine don't."

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me said...

my two sisters and mom all menstruate simultaneously with me

it's an interesting experience

my brother and dad tend to hole themselves up once a month..

nice paintings, by the way.