Tuesday, May 22, 2007


At 3.30pm yesterday I was lying on a table in theatre having an anesthetic injected into my left arm and counting backwards.

At 1.00pm today I was sitting with my foot wrapped from thigh to toe resting on a stool. Audrey found this fascinating and after bringing me a wine glass of ice cold water, two chocolate biscuits and a chair to rest them on she tried, with prods of increasing strength, to see how much pain I could take, saying things like "Does this hurt? Just a little bit harder, PROD, How about that?"

The husband asked me if I'd remembered to ask the surgeon, after he removed my varicose vein, to put a few extra stitches in my privates and the control freak of a neighbour, who The Husband doesn't get on too well with, asked me not to hesitate to ask her if there was anything I wanted her to do. Eh sure, like how about moving to live somewhere else?

Can someone please drive me back to the hospital please. Just for a couple more days. I like being institutionalized.

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mcewen said...

I liked being institutionalized too - but it was a bit lonely.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.