Friday, May 25, 2007


Yesterday evening The Husband and I went to vote but ended up on a Polling Station crawl. We visited several booths within those polling stations but nobody seemed to have our name on their list. We don't exist and that's all there is to it. Now we can stop paying tax without fear of being imprisoned and having to kiss our kids through prison bars.

Having moved into this house one and a half years ago we filled in the required forms the Agent dropped into us and returned them to her expecting to be listed on the Register of Electors. But no, we weren't even on the Supplementary Register. What a disappointment and waste of time. For what it's worth I think it'll be a "hung" parliament in which nobody commands a majority and the smaller parties in parliament could end up with the balance of power. Our vote could have been important especially in an election like this one. "We could'a been somebody, we could'a been contenders.........."

After all that fecking about I had to boot it down the motorway to make it in time for dinner with my girlie friends in Sherrys Restaurant. I think a garda with a speed gun caught me with his speed camera a tad over the 100km per hour because some asshole with a foreign reg was tailgating me and I couldn't pull over in time.

Sherry's Restaurant is across the road from Wynnes Hotel and just around the corner from the Abbey Theatre where we were heading afterwards and the food was casual, reasonably priced and good. One of my girlie friends had kindly bought tickets for the six of us to see Saved
Thanks Ann.

To me the play was a mixture of Clockwork Orange and Lord of the flies meets Who's afraid of Virgina Wolf. At one stage a group of boys push a pram about the stage. Then they start to pinch, hit, punch and finally stone the poor kid to death. The play was a great advertisement for the pros for Abortion if ever I saw one. We went into the thespians and patrons Flowing Tide Pub across the street from the theatre and did indeed see several members of the cast knocking back a few well earned drinks. Funny how they seem so much smaller in real life.

I'm off now to catch up on my ironing which has been piling up since before I went into hospital. I bought myself this nice little cover for my ironing board in Tescos for €6.99 to make the experience that little bit more bareable.

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