Monday, May 7, 2007


We packed the suitcases once again and headed off to Limerick for a weekend of partying. We had a barbecue, an afternoon out on the Shannon river in my sisters boat and a beautiful meal with a magician back at her Hotel for about 16 adults and 11 children. We enjoyed too much of everything, good company, food, wine and of course........ a good measure of old fashioned female styled bitching.
The barbie

Sis and son

Me at the barbie

Everyone in our family likes a few glasses of wine including my Mother but there was no stopping her this weekend.

That's my Mum!

I had a good few myself and it was great to be able to let my hair down amongst family.

Letting my hair down

This was all held in honour of my lovely nephew J who was making his Holy Communion. He is supposed to now be of an age where he knows the difference between right and wrong and is so far making great headway.

My nephew

We're home now and are all exhausted from doing nothing more than enjoying ourselves. Thanks Sis! You really pulled out all the stops. I'll be drinking nothing stronger than water for the next couple of days in an attempt to dilute the alcohol enriched blood flowing through my veins. We should do it, what are you up to this coming weekend????

Out on the boat getting an orange suntan

Sarah on the boat.

Lara on the boat


mcewen said...

What a ball! What a family!
Best wishes

TherapyDoc said...

great pics, especially of mom