Friday, June 8, 2007


"Hi Mum, how did the funeral go?" asked Lara, aged 11 years old.

"OK. And fast." I replied, taking off my jacket.

"Did Sarah tell you how her 1st Class Trip to the Eco Farm went?"

"No, not yet"

"Well, when they arrived, there were no animals and the only thing the kids had to look at were carrot leaves and lettuce'. They asked where all the animals were kept and they were told that the animals had been sold. Sarah told me the part she enjoyed the most about the trip to the farm was when one of the girls found a knife on the ground and was trying to stab her classmate with it while everyone else looked on."


aquaasho said...

So tempting to use a stereotype and ask if the farm was in Limerick (knife, stabbings etc. etc.) but Bock the Robber wouldn't approve. So I won't.

KEYNOTER said...

HaHa, neither would my lovely sister!

mcewen said...

Good grief! don't you love it when your faith in the teaching profession, those in loco parentis, is shaken to the core.
Best wishes

aquaasho said...

I have a Limerick sister too! Have a great weekend!

KEYNOTER said...

Oh Really! It's not a bad place actually. I love going there to visit her!

aquaasho said...

Bock has some great photos of Limerick. I'm sure you've seen them. Just in case: