Friday, June 22, 2007


On the 25th January this year when the day was cold and dank and we had money in the bank I thought I'd cheer us all up and so I booked and paid for a holiday in the South of France.

Tomorrow at 4pm we're flying out to Gerona Airport in Spain and picking up a rental car which we'll drive north for just over an hour into the south east of France.

We're holidaying with two other couples and their kids and so in all there'll be 6 adults and 9 kids. But, knowing us and our friends, I don't think it will be possible to tell who's who most evenings as we fully intend sampling lots of the lovely indigenous wines.

We need this holiday. We haven't been on holidays with the kids for 8 years since we returned from living in Asia. We were too busy making love, forgetting that making love makes babies. Soon we were a family of 6.

Oh! what fun we had.
"Who needs holidays" we sang as we ran, senselessly, upstairs to the bedroom.

That was five years ago. You can learn a lot in five years.

The 4 suitcases are packed and Molly, the dog who never evacuates her bladder or bowls indoors is in my parents house leaving large dry turds on their green carpet which she either assumes is grass or is her way of telling the world THAT BEING LEFT BEHIND IS CRAP. Because that's the kind of dog she is.

Sorry Mum.


aquaasho said...

Oh that sounds wonderful Ellen! I hope the weather is better than here but really what does it matter, France looks beautiful in any weather. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

Midget Wrangler said...

Have a great time....I'm so jealous of your bravery, all those kids! Enjoy!

Conortje said...

I hope you're havig a wonderful time in the sun. It's wet and cold here :-(

mcewen said...

Hope you have an absolute ball [and that the weather is better than it was in Britland!]