Wednesday, June 20, 2007


All of last summer I looked for those very low to the ground small sun loungers because the closer I am to the ground after a few glasses of wine the more comfortable I feel about falling over and hitting my head. I even checked online and came up with zilch. Yesterday while I was shopping in Supervalu with Lara she pointed these out to me.

So I kissed her all over her face and bought two. A steal at €9.99 each. If you're looking for them too better hurry before they're all gone.


aquaasho said...

They're gorgeous Ellen and look beautiful on your new deck (are the landscapers gone/ finished yet?)

KEYNOTER said...

They've a little round patio to do and run some electricity to the bottom of the garden and then they're finished. I don't think I'd call them landscapers Aisling. More like invisible men! The feckers!

Audrey said...

They look lovely and colourful

Anonymous said...

I always love your entries. I guess OD is not as user friendly for you as this site must be.

Those chairs are terrific and I can't believe the photo - it looks like it should be an advertisement. Love it! - Rachel aka Sue Generes

KEYNOTER said...

Hi Rachel,

It's not because over there I cant link my artwork up to it. But I do stop by and read you every single day. I have a problem trying to leave comments on your site though. It seems to time out most of the time. Has anybody else ever mentioned that?