Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Dear Rachel,

I may have been a little hard on you with regard to that photo but it's only because I love you so very much. I know you weren't the one holding the bottle and I believe you told me the truth when you say you weren't drinking especially after Sunday Night.

You called me at 10.45 pm and asked me if I could come and collect you because the kids in your group of friends were drinking and you didn't want to. You did the right thing. Sorry if I embarrassed you when I went to pick you up by being in my fluffy white dressing gown but I'd only stepped out of the shower when you called.

I think we should just be thankful we didn't get stopped at a Gardai Checkpoint on the way home and breathalyzed because women who drive around late at night, buck naked, in fluffy white dressing gowns with long wet tangled hair and panda eyes usually do.

I love you Rachel,

Love Mum


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aquaasho said...

She's a credit to you Ellen! You're doing something right to have one that sensible! She's also incredibly beautiful! Fair play to you, keep doing what you're doing cos it's working. (I feel like an intruder leaving a comment on this lovely letter/ blogpost).