Wednesday, June 13, 2007


On Friday morning I stood outside my house and shouted very loudly down the empty street

SHUT UP YOU STUPID DOG...................

I know when the house across the street is empty because the minute they leave in their car the dog starts to bark. I went inside and wrote a letter I knew I'd never have the guts to drop through their letter box but it sure made me feel better.

By 6pm my nerves were in tatters with the incessant barking and I was forced into drinking a large glass of red wine to calm myself down.

Later we ate in the local Indian Restaurant with my parents to celebrate our near bankruptcy and the next morning we all awoke to the sound of......yes, barking.

Never ending, non stop, deep, echoing barking.

I packed the car faster than usual and we burned rubber getting out of the place and off to the quiet of Wexford.

When we returned I opened a window to let in some fresh air. An elderly lady walked down my drive and spoke to me through it She had been traumatised all weekend with the barking and even cried on Saturday she was that frustrated.

She was going to write them a letter. I gave her their name, their address and my complete approval.

And if that doesn't work I might even post my own letter after all.


aquaasho said...

Oh that must be really distressing. Is there somewhere you can report that to? My sisters dogs once barked all night, she was away and I was minding them, so it was my fault. But the next day someone official looking (can't remember from where) said he was checking to see if she had a dog licence. She had and that was that but obviously the neighbours reported it to somebody (couldn't blame them really but it was the first time!)

That must be so annoying for you Ellen! That letter looks scary!

jothemama said...

They probably don't know! It only does it when they'e not there. You should so go talk to them, why not? Unless it's a pitbull and they're scary scumbags.

We may be reaching bakruptcy soon ourselves, tell me, does eating Indian make it better?

I'm in a bid because our local sublime takeaway's visa machine wasn't working last time and my husband had no cash, so they said to call it in next day - I never got round to it, so I can't go back, as I can't afford to pay for two at once! Boo!

KEYNOTER said...

Hi Aisling. It's a pain in the neck actually. Two neighbours out of the five of us complained and when he mentioned it to us we told him it was quite relentless while he was gone. For the next week he took it with him in his car every time he left the house but it's back to the usual routine. One of the neighbours is keeping a record. I did write a letter but I tore it up. The anonymous letter is just a gag!! I wouldnt send it. Got to live beside these folks for a good few years yet!

KEYNOTER said...

Jothemama, how embarrassing for you!!! You can just say you forgot!! I'm sure they won't even remember....or you could say you got very very sick after eating it ;)

bozoette said...

Oh, how terribly annoying! We had a situation like that with a neighbor; he refused to believe that it was a problem. Luckily they moved shortly afterward. Whew.