Thursday, June 14, 2007


While my three eldest kids are busy licking their breakfast bowls at the kitchen table Audrey can usually be found up in her bedroom throwing a tantrum because she cannot retrieve her school sock which is hanging from the curtain pole.

And so you will understand my confusion when yesterday morning I saw her standing in the kitchen doorway fully dressed in her school uniform, shoes on her feet and a smile on her face.

Everyone stared at her.

"Are you feeling OK Audrey" I asked placing my palm on her forehead.


"How come you're being so good this morning love"

"Y'see Mum, yesterday I put my forehead up to my friend Daniels and sent all my bold into him"


aquaasho said...

It's hard to know if you should laugh or be scared Ellen!

KEYNOTER said...

Tell me about it!!!! Just wait till your little five year old arrives. What fun you'll have!!! Ahhhh it's a great age really.

aquaasho said...

Just came back from meeting them! They're great. Must do a blogpost.